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Wednesday, April 5th at 9:00 PM in the RockYard

Bret Michaels first rose to fame as the frontman of Poison. As one of rock's most iconic and enduring bands, Poison defined the fast, gritty, and glamorous rock 'n' roll scene.

Bret’s solo career has been equally successful: his most recent solo album, "Custom Built," released in July of 2010, topped the charts, reaching #1 on Billboard's Hard Rock list. His current solo tour, "Get Your Rock On" is selling out arenas across the country and his forthcoming solo album of the same name will be released this summer. As a rock star, reality star, spokesperson, businessman, and philanthropist, Bret Michaels does more jobs in a single day than most people do in an entire lifetime.

During his performance in the RockYard, Bret will be paying tribute to a cause that is near and dear to his heart by bringing a veterans organization to the stage.

Every Rose Had Its Thorn ♫ 
Talk Dirty to Me ♫ 
Something to Believe In ♫ 
Unskinny Bop ♫ 
Nothin’ But a Good Time ♫  

Thursday, April 6th at 9:00 PM in the RockYard

Creedence Clearwater Revival founding members and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Stu Cook and Doug “Cosmo” Clifford have been on quite a ride.  Following their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cosmo and Stu launched their Creedence Clearwater Revisited project in 1995 to once again perform live in concert the hit songs — touchstones of a generation. Since then, the legendary rhythm section has been thrilled by the outpouring of affection for their new band.   World tours and a platinum selling album Recollection followed.  The astounding response to the band has been driven in part by new generations of fans that, as Cosmo says, “weren’t even born when the music came out.” 

Midnight Special ♫ 
Fortunate Son ♫ 
Travelin’ Band ♫ 
Born on the Bayou ♫ 
Bad Moon Rising ♫ 

Friday, April 7th at 9:00 PM in the RockYard

Certain bonds last forever. No matter what happens, they can't be bent, bruised or broken. There's something indescribable that fastens them together, and the links only tighten with time. The members of KORN built that kind of bond back in 1993 the first time that Jonathan Davis, James "Munky" Shaffer, Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu, and Brian "Head" Welch decided to make music as a unit. They shed blood, sweat, and tears in the studio and on stage, fashioning an undeniable, unsettling, and unique sound that would permanently alter the course of rock music.

KORN have come a long way since their iconic self-titled debut, and they haven't stopped challenging themselves or heavy music. 

Freak on a Leash ♫ 
Falling Away From Me ♫ 
Blind ♫ 
Coming Undone ♫ 
Here to Stay ♫ 

Saturday, April 8th at 9:00 PM in the RockYard

Alice Cooper pioneered a distinctive brand of hard rock that was designed to shock. He continues to tour regularly, performing shows worldwide with the dark and horror-themed theatrics that he’s best known for.

This special performance will benefit the Alice Cooper Solid Rock Foundation. Alice’s teen center, The Rock, located in north Phoenix, provides the music, arts, vocational programs and fellowship that challenge teens to discover their passion through music, dance, self-expression, and creativity. The Rock’s mission is to make an everlasting difference in the lives of teenagers.

And to add one more unique element to what already promises to be an amazing show, Alice will be backed for this performance by his son Dash’s band CO-OP 

No More Mr. Nice Guy
School’s Out  
I’m Eighteen  
Billion Dollar Babies  
Welcome to My Nightmare